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Congratulations Boy Dancers!!!  By popular vote you won an Ipad…..

Dr. Leon, Dr. David, and the Coolsmiles Team would like to thank everyone for submitting your videos to the make us laugh contest!

We had so many entries and they all made us laugh.  The four final videos were chosen by our web consultant and staff and then we asked our patients and friends to vote.

We tracked IP addresses and manipulation of polling software during voting before making the final decision.  For those who have been watching the votes, Boy Dancers have been in the lead from day one, with Chin a close second.

Thanks for voting.  Lets us know what you think about or contests and share ideas you may have for the next one inthe box at the bottom of the page….  We love new and unique ideas.

#1 – Boy Dancers

#2 – Chin

#3 – Jake

#4 – Wild Ride

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March 31, 2011

Victoria @ 7:08 pm #

I think u should do that contest again cuz I really enjoyed making funny videos!! I really wanna win the ipad!!

April 1, 2011

Victoria @ 7:35 am #

I think we should make a video: who can do the coolest things and the 5 peaple that do the coolest things should be on the website and people can vote. The winner gets an ipad! That’s my idea

April 15, 2011

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